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“Lady Charlotte and the Groom” from Cruella magazine

Summary: Lady Charlotte displays her usual cavalier attitude towards gelding the ‘livestock’ she owns.

Lady Charlotte arrives at the stables for an invigorating afternoon ride; the memory of the mornings ‘ride’ with Melanie still fresh in her mind.

She stoops to flick a speck of dust from her boots and immediately senses a young groom’s eyes eroding the taut cloth of her brilliant white jodhpurs.

With a single movement she stands, twists around and slashes her riding crop across his left cheek, eliciting a screech of agony.

She grabs him by the hair and thrusts the crop beneath his chin to force his head back. The young male, paralyzed with pain and fear, makes no attempt to resist.

She brings her face very close to his; then, gazing down at him, says, evenly: “You were ogling me, weren’t you?”

“N… No, My Lady,” he replies hoarsely, the crop constricting his larynx.

“Yes you were. You were staring at my arse; and no doubt dreaming sordid little fantasies about it.” He tries to repeat his denial but the riding crop is now choking him, preventing speech and even the shaking of his head.

Lady Charlotte takes his silence for an admission of guilt. “So,” she says. “A pervert.” She raises her right knee swiftly and with experienced accuracy into the young man’s groin, crushing his genitals. He would scream did she not retain her stranglehold; and that same grip keeps him on his feet allowing her to repeat the blow a second and then a third time.

Lady Charlotte leaves the groom beside the stables, close to passing out. She untethers Beauty, her new stallion, mounts him and rides out into the paddock for a round over the jumps.

The youngster cost nearly two hundred thousand pounds but he is headstrong and needs frequent reminders with the crop along his flanks. Despite Lady Charlotte’s expertise he still manages to bring down two of the fences. After half an hour of rigorous exercise she trots him back to the stables, convinced as to the ideal remedy for his inadequacies.

The chastised groom has recovered his senses and he is quick to kneel in the dust beside the horse to allow Lady Charlotte to stand on him whilst dismounting.

“He needs gelding,” she says, easily. “I shall telephone the vet now… Have him ready for her arrival in half an hour.” “Yes, my lady.”

She turns and walks away towards the house. The groom, pretending to busy himself with the horse, takes the opportunity for another sly glance at her delightful but utterly untouchable behind. Again, Lady Charlotte’s sixth sense alerts her to his intrusive gaze. She halts, turns and smiles – wide mouthed and bright eyed.

“Perverts and headstrong horses,” she says… “When the vet has finished with Beauty she can start on you.” She allows her eyes to drop for a fraction of a second to the groom’s groin, illustrating her meaning, then tosses her head back in a burst of wholesome laughter.

She turns and walks very slowly towards the house, listening to the repetitive and increasingly hysterical pleas from the man who still cannot help but watch her gently rolling buttocks.

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