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“A Chance Meeting” By Abelard (edited)

Summary: A chance meeting by the roadside leads to a change of status

It was a wonderful sunny day in June, I travel for a living and I am always on the road, so all I had in front of me was a dreary hotel. Sometimes I have tried the local papers and found a little domination action, but that day I was right in the middle of nowhere. Then I saw Felicity Lawson by the side of the road next to her broken-down pick-up truck.

I pulled over of course to see if I could help and it turned out that she was a vet on the way to visit a remote farm. I had nothing better to do so offered her a lift which she gratefully accepted. She was a well-built woman I estimated in her early forties but wearing well, not pretty but certainly handsome and very direct.

We started chatting and I told her about my fairly boring existence. I then asked her what she was going to do at the farm. “Oh it’s Sarah Fisher’s farm, she breeds Arab horses and I’m going to geld one of her colts, I’m sure Sarah wouldn’t mind if you want to help out, she doesn’t have any hands on the farm at the moment, it’s too far-out no one ever wants to stay.” I cannot remember what I replied, I was astonished at the matter-of-fact way she said it, but also remember being astonished at my reaction which was one of acute interest. During domination roleplay I had sometimes introduced castration as a theme and it certainly turned me on. I think I just laughed and said “sounds interesting, don’t mind watching but I wouldn’t want to get too involved.” She just laughed and said, “you never know, you might enjoy yourself”.

Felicity certainly wasn’t joking about the farm being remote, it took some time to get there and when we finally pulled up we were greeted by a strikingly pretty, petite young woman who introduced herself as Sarah. Felicity greeted her like an old friend. “I broke down on the way and this kind man has given me a lift. I’ve got all my stuff, where’s the colt?” Sarah led us into the barn which was divided up into stalls but with just one occupied by a small bay colt.

The women seemed to know what do, clearly they had done this together before. Sarah went to the colt’s head and began speaking quietly to him while Felicity put on a white coat and brought a bag of tricks into the stall. I was fascinated by what was going to happen and the women didn’t seem to mind me being present. Felicity stood close behind the colt and she began to massage his testicles. Although he was nervous at first, he soon settled down and Sarah continued talking to him and encouraging him. It all seemed to work because he obtained a massive erection. Felicity then very carefully injected his testicles one by one massaging them the whole time, so that he barely seemed to notice the brief moment of pain of the injection. When she was satisfied that the injections had taken effect she produced a scalpel and incised each side of his sac and with amazing swiftness tied off his cords and cut out the testicles placing them carefully into a stainless-steel dish. She then sewed him up. All this time Sarah had been talking quietly to encourage him, “there’s a good boy, there’s a brave boy, that’s my boy, good fella, you know it’s for the best, good little man.” By the time it was all finished I could see that both women were flushed and excited and I had a tremendous hard on.

Felicity noticed my condition and said, “well I can see you’re interested, how would you like your turn now?At this, Sarah came round from the colt’s head, clearly highly excited and put a halter around my neck, she said, “come-on, there’s a good boy, you know you want to.” I was very excited at the whole thing and have to say that I thought a little fun with the two women would certainly liven up the day.

Sarah led me to a different stall and began undressing me and herself. Then Felicity came up with a gadget she described as a banding clamp, she said “don’t worry, let’s play for a bit, I have always wanted to put one of these on a man, I’ll use a rubber ring for a pig so it won’t do any damage to your little balls.” It may not have done much damage but it sure hurt like hell, but Sarah’s actions, now totally naked, soon got my erection back near to its former glory as she got down on all fours before me and said “come on then stallion, cover me”. I was only too willing to oblige and although the band was giving me some pain I humped into her for what seemed like ages. The pain from the band seemed to allow me go on and on without coming.

I became aware that Felicity was behind me and that she had also taken her clothes off and was massaging my testicles as I humped into Sarah. Finally Sarah disengaged from underneath me and lay down face-up to me and told me to stay kneeling on all fours. She began playing with my dick and said, “why don’t you inject him now Felicity, I think he’s ready, then you can take the band off and really go to work.” She was fondling my dick and looked so wonderful that it was soon rock hard again. I hardly felt the injections at all, as I still had the band on, but straight afterwards Felicity cut the band off. The relief was enormous, I lost all sense of where I was, mesmerized by the actions of the two women. I realized I had been injected with an anesthetic and all that that meant, but I just couldn’t resist Sarah underneath me. All the while she was saying to me in that lovely soft voice that she had used for the colt and that you just had to trust, “that’s a good boy, that’s my brave boy, what a good fella, you know it’s for the best, you know you need this, that’s my good boy.” So great was the pleasure and the anticipation that I was only vaguely aware of what Felicity was doing behind me, doing things with my sac, until I finally came in a great spurt all over Sarah’s breasts and face. I knew that Felicity had gelded me too and taken my manhood once and for all, my emotions were in a turmoil, but somehow I felt that this was so right and so beautiful and I was glad that they had gelded me. There could be no going back now.

That was six months ago, I have been kept on at the farm. I am now the gelded help that Sarah always needed. Felicity calls round frequently, she and Sarah are more than just good friends. They like to let me watch, of course it doesn’t do anything for me now I’m a gelding like the colt. I have to serve my mistress in other ways and try to remember what it was like when I was a man and not a gelded eunuch. So you see I was changed by a chance meeting.

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