Cosmetic Concierge – Orchiectomy

Here is a bona fide female surgeon that will castrate upon request. This is no joke and no fantasy. This is not for people that have a sexual fetish for castration but people that really need to be castrated in the same way that transgender people need to have transgender surgery. In order to obtain this surgery you must be able to prove to a mental health professional that you need this surgery in the way I have just described. For the rest of us, myself included, this is merely a hot fantasy and no more.

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Se alguém quiser falar sobre castração e penectomia chama no WhatsApp XXXXXXX. Pois sinto o maior tesão no assunto hehehe hehehe

I was castrated at 1. dezembre by a nice young female urologist and it was an indescribable experience!! The onest problem afterwards were suppurations over 5 weeks, but today all is healed well and i love the little empty boysac…

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