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Made to Maid – parts 4-6 by Anonymous

Part Four

Well good morning princess, get enough sleep, did we? I heard Mary’s voice ask. Opening my eyes, she stood over me with a smile.

“Yes Ma’am”, I answered but this odd, very light high pitched girl’s voice came out instead. That was weird; I cleared my throat and tried again.

“Hhuum, hhuum. Yes Ma’am,” OH NO! I shuddered as I realized that this was my voice.

Sensing my shock, Mary patted me on the head, “oh, don’t worry Marissa, I had the doctor do a little work on your vocal cords so your voice would match up nicely with your personality,” she said with a mischievous smile, “and now that your nasty little things down there are gone, your voice is never going to change! Isn’t that wonderful, princess!” she cooed at me, stroking my bangs.

“Now get up and get dressed young lady, breakfast isn’t going to make itself!” my employer’ said with her hands on her hips.

Once she left the room, I got out of bed and went into the bathroom. I really didn’t want to confirm what I already knew but curiosity got the best of me. When I pulled my panties down and sat on the toilet, I reached down to touch myself. My scrotum had never been large but now it was clearly empty. I could see two small incisions but there weren’t even any stitches. My scrotum was now just loose skin. I’d never be able to be a father.


I’d never grow into a man.


I broke down and wept at my loss, and at my fate. I was destined now to stay small and feminine. The only remaining masculinity I had was my little penis which would never even get hard anymore.

Following a good cry, I gathered myself up, knowing I better not disappoint Mary. In 20 minutes I was in the kitchen, preparing their breakfast, wearing of course, one of my maid dresses and an apron. This was my fate now to cook and clean and take care of Mary and Jim. This was all my life was worth now. I didn’t even think of escaping anymore I no longer had a place in the outside world.

Mary and Jim came and enjoyed the breakfast I made for them, then went about their day. I too tended to my duties, and like usual, had plenty of time to think while I dusted and polished. The way I figured it, either I accepted my life or I’d go crazy. If I went crazy, either nothing would change or they’d just get rid of me. And I knew ‘getting rid of’ did not mean being fired. Basically I could die or be their maid, and though I hated thinking about it, Jim’s blow job girl as well.

Even though my life was not what I had planned, and was very humiliating, I chose to accept it. And with that admission to myself, I began to feel better about myself. It was like a strange peace came over me. I just let the humiliation of being feminized into a submissive maid go.

That evening, as I knelt between Jim’s thighs with his cock between my lips for the second time, I tried to focus my mind on accepting myself as Marissa. I knew I’d be doing this over and over, so I had to find a way to alleviate the humiliation. The answer was in accepting myself as Marissa. I was no longer Mark in a dress, or Mark forced to be Marissa.

I was Marissa and I had important duties in this house. I was pretty, and sweet, and both Mary and Jim appreciated me. This is what was going through my mind as Jim moaned and began ejaculating inside my mouth.

I shut my eyes, and swallowed dutifully for him, feeling proud that I was pretty enough for him to enjoy my blow job so much. I was glad Mary turned me into Marissa. I was so much more cherished as Marissa than I ever was as the little nerd and wimp I once was. Jim and Mary gave purpose and meaning to my life, and I was grateful.

The following morning things started to fall together for me even more. I no longer went about my duties as if I was a slave. I went about them with a lightness in my step because I wanted to please Mary and Jim.

Even though I was just the maid, I was important to both of them.

I couldn’t believe it myself, but while I worked some days, I actually began fantasizing about having Jim’s cock inside my mouth. I would think about how it felt, about how he moaned and would say nice things to me, and then I’d take him to orgasm.

It was the pinnacle of my duties and of my worth to them. It was the time I felt the most special. I knew part of my feminine thoughts and desires were due to the estrogen in my body, but that was okay. I was a girl now and the estrogen made me feel wonderful.

One month became two, and it wasn’t only my perspective which was changing. My hips were rounder and widening, my skin was softer, and I had developed almost full-A size breasts.

One February evening as I lovingly gave Jim his nightly blow job, he started an uncharacteristic conversation with Mary.

“You know Mary, I’d really like it if you’d agree with my plan. I don’t know what else to say to convince you that it’s a good idea,” he pleaded with her about some plan unknown to myself.

Well,” she said, drawing out the L, “honey, I just worry about her you know. She’s been so enthusiastic lately, I’d be afraid this might dampen her spirit.”

Ok, this was sounding a lot like it was about me now. I wanted to lift my head up and off his penis to ask what this was about, but he held me down firmly and continued to pump my mouth with his thick cock.

“Mary, since when are you concerned about ‘dampening her spirit’!” he said strongly. “I thought we took her in to be our maid, and do whatever we needed. It was never about her needs or happiness, and frankly, I don’t know what’s gotten into you!”

What! This was horrible! I thought I was important to them and he‘s talking about me like I’m nothing!

He began fucking my mouth even harder, ramming his cock past my lips and all the way to the back of my throat making me gag.

Noticing his aggressiveness, she tried to calm him down, alright, alright!” she said in an effort to placate him, “have it your way, just try not to wear her out. I still need her to keep the house nice and the meals worth eating.”

Pleased with his victory, he let up on trying to ram his cock down my throat, and pulled me off him. He manhandled me off the bed and then to my knees as he stood over me, stroking himself. Pulling my head back by the hair so that I was looking up at the ceiling, he began cumming on my face.

As I knelt there before him, feeling his warm and wet semen landing across my lips, cheeks, and even up into my hair, I didn’t feel so loving. I felt used. I felt like a worthless whore nobody cared about.

Finished with me, he got back into bed with Mary, leaving me kneeling there, coated in his sperm. I didn’t feel like swallowing any of his goo tonight, and tried not to as his cum dripped across my lips.

“From now on Marissa, once you finish cleaning up the kitchen after dinner, I want you to go upstairs and wait in your bedroom on your knees.” Jim instructed me as he cuddled with his wife.

“I’ve decided to share your blow job talents with the farmhands. See, I’ve instructed Tom, the farmhand supervisor, to send in his two most productive and hardworking men each day for a little reward from you. You can call it my work incentive program. Tom himself is welcome to you each night as well as long as he meets my expectations for the day.”

My heart sank, knowing I was to be used in such a manner by strangers, and didn’t have any say in it.

“See, the way I figure, you give such a fine blowjob that I’ll have 20 men fighting over themselves all day long to get the chance to stick their cocks inside your lips for a little sweet loving.”

He chuckled to himself, pleased with his plan and reaching out he swatted me on my behind. “Get on outta here now girl, go get some rest,” he commanded.

Reaching my room, his cum had cooled on my face and did not feel very pleasant.

Before I got out of my dress I cleaned it off my face in my bathroom. Looking at the thick globs on the tissue, I began to weep knowing there would be much more of that going down my throat and across my face and there was nothing I could do about it.

This wasn’t fair!

Part Five

Sure enough, after dinner the next night I was sent up to my room to wait on my knees. I waited and waited and absolutely hated my life. I was so submissive and weak, kneeling here, waiting to have some stranger enter my room and rape my mouth.

What a loser I was to let this all happen. I didn’t care anymore. I was such an idiot if they wanted to use my like a little whore who was only good for a few things, then so be it. It fit me.

Ten minutes after I got on my knees, he came in. Seeing me on my knees waiting for him really excited him as he was rock hard before he even got his pants down. It must have been sometime since he’d been with a girl as it didnt take long for him to erupt inside my mouth. I didn’t understand him as he only spoke Spanish, but by his tone he seemed quite pleased with me and that I swallowed his cum for him.

His buddy followed shortly and five minutes later I finished him off as well.

Tom was last and wasn’t nearly as gentle as the workers as he grabbed my head and pumped his cock into me mercilessly until he came down my throat.

Thankfully, Jim didn’t want his cock sucked that evening so I got to go to sleep early.

The weeks turned into months as I went about my routine. The smile on my face was no longer genuine and the step in my gait less perky.

Nonetheless, over a period of months the estrogen continued to do its work on my body. I no longer wore breast forms as I naturally filled out a B-cup bra. My hips were as shapely as any woman’s and my skin as soft. It didn’t help with the feelings though. I was a feminized slave and whore. I was a loser and good for very little. I was an idiot and deserved to be used like a whore.

I didn’t care anymore.

Once I finished blowing the three farmhands after dinner, I found myself fulfilling my duties for Jim again. After he finished in my mouth I swallowed what I could but a good deal oozed out and down my chin.

Watching me blow her husband, Mary leaned over and swept her finger across my chin, gathering up some of the cum. Sticking her finger into my mouth, I obediently licked it clean though with a grimace.

What‘s wrong Marissa?” she asked, “I remember the days when you loved to drink down every drop of his cum?

What a bitch! I thought inside my head, she really made me mad. Maybe it was the depression I was in, but I lost it. I didn’t care anymore.

“Fuck you!” I cried out, though somehow it didn’t carry much weight coming from my little girl’s voice.

As I was about to holler at her some more, she slapped me hard. Then again. And again. Mary began pummeling me so hard Jim had to stop her from killing me.

Grabbing me by the hair, she half dragged me into my bedroom and tied me to the bed still fully dressed.

She was steaming mad and paced the room for several minutes. Calming herself down, she picked up the phone.

“Hi Judith, it’s me, Mary… Good, thanks… Is there any chance I could bring Marissa in tomorrow morning for her SRS?… Oh great, ok, see you in the morning then, bye now.”

What‘s an SRS?” I asked her as she approached me with a ball gag. Ignoring me, she gagged me and then left the room.

Part Six

Once again, the next morning, she helped me dress then drove me cuffed and gagged to the same doctor who’d castrated me.

The same two nurses were there and before I knew it I was strapped down on the operating table with my legs wide apart.

I drifted off to sleep.

When I awoke at home in bed the first thing I did was examine my body to find out what they did to me this time. Reaching my groin, my penis was gone. In its place were what felt like girl parts. I could feel my vulva, labia, and had a round tube stuck inside my vagina what I’d later learn is called a dilator.

This was all too unreal and yet it was real. I was a true girl now.


Mary gave me a few days to heal, but within a week I was back performing my duties as her maid. I didn’t know it, but she began putting anti-depressant drugs into my food, and sure enough, they worked.

It wasn’t as bad giving guys blowjobs once I knew I was a real girl now.

I regained my pride in my work as a maid as well, and this seemed to please Mary. I had no more outbursts, and I was treated fairly. Instead of always having to wait for the farmhands on my knees in my room, Mary often had me blow them downstairs under her watchful supervision.

I was still an obedient and subservient maid, but at least I was respected and the guys seemed to find me attractive.

Mary had me keep a dilator inside my vagina for several weeks, and over time, I wore larger and larger ones.

One night as I prepared to give the men their blow job rewards, Mary told me to kneel in the center of the rug on the living room floor. Easing me over onto my hands, she reached back and lifted my skirt up and removed my panties. Taking my dilator out, she put more lubricant on it then worked it back inside me, spreading the lubricant around, then took it out.

Motioning for one of the farmhands to come behind me, I listened as she lubricated him with some lube from a bottle. As he grabbed my hips, I felt his warm, stiff penis push up against my vagina. I grimaced as he penetrated me a little, then slowly began working deeper and deeper until I felt his balls slap against me. It hurt but not as much as the dilators did, and his penis, though erect, wasn’t as hard as the plastic.

I moaned with each of his thrusts, and I involuntarily shuttered in ecstasy. It was my first orgasm as a girl.

Mary, meanwhile, was sitting next to me rubbing my back when she motioned for the other farmhand to come get in front of me. He didn’t require much encouragement before he dropped his pants and pointed his cock right at my mouth. I did as was expected of me and opened my lips for him.

Mary really seemed to like seeing the men do this to me, as she continued rubbing my back and caressing my hair as these two men fucked me from both ends. I squealed out several more times in orgasm, though muffled by the cock in my mouth, before the men came inside me from both ends.

Feeling their warm cum spurt inside me, I lost it again, and shuddered violently, arching my back in a final powerful climax.

Tom was nice to me that night and simply stood over me and jacked off onto my face as I lay there exhausted from the sex.

It was wonderful being a girl, and I relished the thought of what my future held for me.

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