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Made to Maid – part 2 by Anonymous

Part Two

It had been two weeks now in my new role as Marissa, and though I didn’t like it much, I was adapting. Jim and Mary have been relatively nice to me at least they were polite and since my first spanking and few face slappings, didn’t get hit anymore. I worked very hard keeping house for them, and by the end of the day I actually looked forward to getting into one of my ‘little girl‘ nightgowns (and out of the uncomfortable maid’s dress and heels).

Each night as I lay in bed I’d think of ways to escape, and a general plan emerged. Essentially, I was going to do everything they asked of me and make it seem like I was happy with my new life. Once I had their confidence and trust I just knew they’d slip up and take me into town with them or let me see where they left their keys.

Those were the only ways I could ever communicate with someone else since the only phone they had was a coded car-phone in his truck, which was useless to me. I thought about the postman, but their mailbox was a good mile down the road and it wasn’t likely I could time an escape just right.

That plus the mailman wouldn’t necessarily be trustworthy and all I’d need would be for him to turn me back to Jim and Mary and I was dead.


Tonight, I was exhausted as usual and was laying there looking up at the ceiling, fantasizing about my escape, and then just thinking. As far as kidnappings went it could have been a lot worse. Sure I have to live like, well, as a girl, but at least I was alive and wasn’t being abused or anything. Plus I’d get out of here eventually.

Just as I began to drift off my door opened and someone walked in. I was too tired to do much other than open my eyes and look at who walked in. It was Jim.

He never came into my room, and I wondered what he wanted.

He shut the door behind him and walked right up to my bed. Just as I was about to ask him what he wanted, he spoke quietly.

“Shhh there Marissa, be a good girl and stay quiet for me,” I hated when they called me girl as if I were one.

My eyes opened widely in shock as I watched him unfasten his belt, then lower his pants to reveal his penis. I’d never seen a man’s penis up close like this before, especially one so long and big. I didn’t know what to do except stay quiet like he told me too.

He wrapped his hand around his thing and began stroking it. I’d only heard about guys jacking off, not having done it myself since my puberty was delayed. Of course, I was incredibly uncomfortable and didn’t like being so close to his cock so I began to shuffle away from him across my bed.

Where do you think you’re going young lady? Get back over here,” he commanded.

I was mortified at whatever the hell was happening. All I knew was he was getting sexual and referring to me clearly as a girl! Scared of angering him even more though, I reluctantly obeyed hoping he wouldn’t touch me or anything.

“Closer” he ordered.

I moved closer to the edge, keeping my eyes away from him. “Closer” he said again, causing my heart to beat even faster.

“Damn it!” I screamed in my head, hating having to feel so powerless.

I moved again, and this time felt his penis bump into the side of my head. Oh god no!

“That’s a girl Marissa. Such a pretty girl” he cooed. I winced at his words. “Now turn your head this way doll,” he asked, and with loathing I obeyed once again.

There was nothing for me to do except just lay there and watch him stroking his now hard and long cock just inches above my face, praying he wouldn’t make me do anything with it! I had to find a way to escape sooner!

Who knows what he would be doing to me with that thing of his tonight let alone in the days to come!

With his spare hand, he took the covers off me and exposed me laying there in one of my frilly pink nightgowns. I could do nothing except lie on my back and wait for him to finish.


I hadn’t thought about it yet even though I didn’t, I knew guys ejaculated sperm and stuff from jacking off. This was going to be so humiliating.

“Oh princess, you’re so pretty lying there in your little nightie. So pretty and precious. MMMM” he groaned and moaned, torturing me with every sound.

“Ohh… Ohhhh yeah… MMMM… Ohhhh…”

He moved even closer to me and aimed his hard dick right down at me. Arching his head back, he let out a good long moan, then stopped stroking himself. His cock rested right on top of my upper lip as it began squirting wet, warm gooey stuff. I shut my eyes just as I saw his whole body, and especially his hips, tense up and rhythmically shudder.

“Yeahhhhhhhh… OOOOOOOhhhh... he moaned as he ejaculated more of his thick cum across my face. I felt so submissive and helpless, it was awful.

After what seemed like an eternity he lifted his cock from my face.

My left eye was coated with his semen but I was able to open my right one.

He reached down and put his finger onto my face, sweeping his cum towards my lips, pooling it there. He did this several times until I could feel a large amount of cum resting right on top of my lips.

This was so awful!! I wanted to jump up and run into the bathroom but I was paralyzed with fear.

With his big hands he next squeezed both of my cheeks, forcing me to open my mouth. There was nothing I could do as his cum simply slid down into my mouth. He used his finger again to wipe the rest of his goo into my mouth, then pinched my nose shut.

“Be a good girl and swallow for me princess” he ordered. I was so incredibly repulsed!

What a bastard for making me do this!

Powerless, I obeyed with complete disgust but, to him, all he knew was I obeyed him dutifully.

I half-gagged at the taste of the thick, salty globs sliding down my throat.

I swallowed several times but couldn’t get the taste out of my mouth. I felt so utterly feminine and humiliated as I watched him pull his pants back up and leave without saying another word. It was all too much and I began to weep. Even though I had grown accustomed to it, my nightgown suddenly no longer felt ‘normal and instead now tortured me with an engulfing femininity I knew I could not escape. The aftertaste of the cum and knowing I had to be dressed in a maid’s dress at 6 am didn’t help either.

After ruminating over my horrible situation, I eventually cried myself to sleep.

In the morning, I got up and went in the bathroom as usual. My face itched a bit, and in looking in the mirror I realized there was dried cum spread about my face. I quickly tossed off my nightgown and panties and got into the shower to wash it off. A few minutes later I was finished and after drying off and applying lotion to my body like Mary told me to, I went out to my bedroom.

Each morning while I showered, Mary would pick an outfit for me to wear, and leave it on my bed or hanging from one of the bedposts. After last night, I really wasn’t in the mood to put on a dress at all, and was hoping whatever she picked was tame. My heart sank this morning as I saw today’s outfit was the worst yet.

Instead of the usual ‘hotel-maid’ dress, she hung a frilly pink thing from the bedpost. On the bed was a frothy petticoat, pink lace stockings and garter belt, with a matching bra. Below the bed were, naturally, matching 4″ pink pumps. Staring at this absurdly feminine dress, I lost it, and fell to the rug and began crying my heart out.

I just couldn’t do this anymore.

Mary must have heard my crying as she entered my room and walked right up to me. Her soft nightgown flowed over my back as she stood over me. I turned over onto my back to look up at her.

What‘s wrong Marissa? Did you fall and hurt yourself princess? she asked in a concerned voice.

Still weeping, it took me a few seconds to respond: “No” was all I could get out.

Well, what is it then young lady!? You have breakfast to fix!” she said with her hands on her hips.

“I… I… I can’t… sniff… sniff… take it anymore Mary… please help me, I don’t want to be a girl anymore. I’m not a girl” I blurted out, appealing to her humanity.

Well I Never!” she steamed out angrily, bending down to me. My head was yanked backwards and then she slapped my face hard several times as she pulled me up by my hair.

“You ungrateful child!” she slapped me again, then sat on the bed, pulling me across her lap. “If you want to cry, I’ll give you something to cry about my little prissy girl” I tried to get up but she had me pinned by keeping my arm twisted high up on my back.

“And stop your damn fidgeting girl, you’re only making me madder!” she ordered as she began spanking my bare bottom.

“After all I’ve done for you, training you, giving you beautiful clothes, and this wonderful home to live in… This is how you repay me?!!!”

Whack! Whack! Whack!

“I’m sorry Ma’am,” I screamed through my tears, wanting her to stop as she was really making my bottom sting and burn.

“You know Marissa, I think I’m just going to have to call my doctor friend in the city and schedule your castration for next week.”

“WHAT! NO!” I screamed inside my head.

“NO! WAIT! Please! You don’t have to do that. Ma’am, I promise I’ll be good!” I pleaded.

“Too late young lady, it’ll be for your own good. Those things are obviously inspiring you to be cranky, besides, you already had an appointment to have them off in February, so all I’m doing is moving up the time table a bit. You’ll thank me for it one day, you’ll see.” She finally had stopped hitting me, and was softly caressing my red bottom.

“Now get your pretty self dressed and go get breakfast started for us” she said gently as she released me.

I simply stood there weeping softly as she left my room, shutting the door behind her. Stunned, I lost all hope. It was all over for me. My life was truly fucked. I had to block it all out or I’d go crazy. I couldn’t though. My knees went weak as I thought about being castrated.

Turning back towards the dress I began to cry again. Not wanting to get walloped again, I threw myself face down against my bed to muffle my cries. I screamed into the pillow, knowing I had to get dressed now or face another spanking or worse. Reluctantly, I dragged myself up and put my panties on. Once I had the bra, stockings and garter belt on, I stepped into the petticoat. Pulling it up to my waist, I not only felt but really KNEW I was defeated.

Quickly, I took the dress off the hanger and stepped into it as well, not wanting to see myself in the petticoat. Zipping it up in the back, it fit snugly across my chest and breasts. I bent down to put my pumps on and had a great deal of trouble doing it as the skirt was so full and flounced out by the frothy petticoats.

Finally dressed, I sat at the vanity to put my makeup on. I felt like vomiting and nearly did as I looked at the little girl in the mirror. The satin dress, with its puffy princess sleeves, ruffled hem, bows and ribbons was more suitable as a 3-year-old’s Easter dress.

How was I ever going to deal with this?

Finished with my makeup and jewelry, I got up to leave the room. I almost forgot the pink bonnet and small white lace apron on the bed, but I quickly put those on and went downstairs. The house was quite still as I went about preparing breakfast for my captors. I hated myself for being so submissive. I was actually doing my best to make a good breakfast as the little domestic maid for the man that had ejaculated all over my face last night and for the woman who planned to have me castrated.

Dressed as I was, I was not exactly looking forward to seeing, let alone serving them, this morning.

Mary came down first, just as I was wrapping their bacon in paper towels to dry off.

“The bacon smells wonderful Marissa,” she said, acting as if nothing unusual was going on, “I hope you made mine nice and crisp like I like it.”

“Yes Ma’am,” I answered, wishing to yell at her instead.

Jim then came into the kitchen and took his seat at the table. I was expected to offer him coffee each morning without delay and knew I had to attend to this duty again.

Quickly stepping over to him in my little girl dress, I kept my head down in shame. “May I offer you some coffee, sir?” I asked daintily and ashamed.

He paused for what seemed like an eternity and probably just to rub in the humiliation of having to serve him like this after last night.

“Ahh, yah Marissa, I’ll take some,” came his reply and I filled his mug.

Somehow, though it was intensely distressing, I made it through breakfast without having a nervous breakdown and was soon at work dusting and cleaning. Every second of the day I felt the shame and embarrassment of my feminization unlike any other day since I’d been kidnapped.

Eventually though, by the following morning, things mellowed out inside my skull and I fell back into my routine.

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