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Made to Maid – part 1 by Anonymous

Part One

It was great having my own car. Even though it was a just a used Neon, I didn’t care. A car was a car. My parents had bought it for me only a few weeks ago for my 18th birthday. And today, I was making the drive by myself from Omaha to Chicago for a cousin’s wedding. I was shocked when they said I could make the drive myself, but happy to have the newfound freedom.

Having left after school, I knew it I wouldn’t make it to Chicago until around midnight. A few days before I left, I plotted out my course, and found I could make better time by getting off the interstate just outside of Des Moines, and taking several country roads across Iowa. It was just starting to get dark when I pulled onto route 738 heading northeast.

My trip was going right according to plan, and I was making great time on the deserted country road. It was 7:30 and pretty much pitch black except for my headlights. The overcast sky blacked out the stars and jilabout it snowing. The weather report didn’t say it was going to snow this early November evening, but it wouldn’t be the first time they were wrong.

Every few dozen miles I’d pass a little dinky town, though there really wasn’t much of anything out here except farms. The heartland of America it was neat to be driving right through the center of it, knowing these farms produced vast amounts of food for the country and the world.

Yes, I sounded like a Sunday morning commercial, but it really was cool feeling the quiet power of it all.

Anyway, my tank was getting low and I began looking for gas. I decided to stop at the next gas station regardless of their prices. Finally, around 8 pm, I came to another dinky little town and pulled into a 2 pump station. I knew the Neon had a slow oil leak so I popped the hood, and put a quart of oil into a funnel, then left it to drain while I got the gas pumping. I felt so competent out here, and fantasized the couple of people inside with the clerk probably thought I was pretty capable too.

While I waited for both the oil and the gas, the urge to pee hit me bad just as a frigid gust of wind hit me and I promptly walked over the bathroom, and went in, glad to find the door unlocked.

Finished with my business, I came to see a man standing by the hood of my car. As I approached the large farmer he stepped away.

“Looks like just a little oil leak there young fella, I just wanted to make sure you didn’t need a hand or anything,” he said as he waved and walked back to his large truck.

“Thanks” I replied, happy to find such friendly and concerned people out here, “it’s no big deal.” I smiled and waved back. He got into his truck and drove off while I finished up with my car, then paid the clerk.

Back on the road, I drove a little faster, trying to make up a little for the lost time at the station. I noticed the “service engine soon” warning light on my dash was lit, though didn’t worry because it came on a lot, and besides, the car was driving fine. It didn’t drive fine for long though, as I couldn’t have been 10 miles from the station when everything just died.

The engine, the lights, everything. I pushed hard on the brakes, and had to use every ounce of energy to control the steering wheel, but finally I was able to get the car stopped on the side of the road.

“Shit!” I yelled out loud, thinking this was seriously bad timing for the car to die as I tried starting it several times and got no response.

My heart began to beat loudly as I got scared. Other than knowing how to put oil in, I was clueless about cars. I resigned myself to stay in the car and wait for another friendly farmer to drive by and give me a hand.

Several minutes went by before the thought hit me that I better put some flares out since it was so dark out here. All I’d need was for a semi to come by and not see my little subcompact until it was too late. As I laid the second flare down, I was glad to see headlights coming my way. When the lights got closer, I realized it was a truck, and when they stopped, I was glad to see the same farmer from the gas station.

A woman I took to be his wife stayed in the truck as he got out. “What seems to be the problem?” he asked kindly.

“I have no idea!” I answered, frustrated and angry at the situation.

He walked around and asked me to release the hood and I watched as he inspected my engine with a flashlight, touching a few parts here and there.

“Not good, my friend” he said gravely as the cold night wind had me shivering, “this little thing isn’t going anywhere. Your electrical system is all shorted out, I’m sorry to say.”

“Great! What does that mean?” this car-breaking down stuff was definitely not in my plans. “Well fella, it means your car ain’t going anywhere tonight.”

He paused, thinking. “Tell you what, I can tow ya to my place and I’ll let ya spend the night there, we’ve got plenty of room. First thing in the morning, I’ll get ya over to my mechanic. Sound alright?” he offered sincerely.

“Yes, great! Thank you so much! That’s so great of you. How much do you want for your help?” I asked.

“Ahhh, come now, young man. Out here in the country we help each other out when we’re in need, so don’t you worry about paying us anything. Someday you can return the favor to someone else in need.”

These people were so fantastic! Thank god I didn’t break down in New York City! “Go get in the cab with my wife and get yourself warm, I’ll get her hooked up”.

I didn’t hesitate to get out of the freezing air and was soon in the truck.

“Hi. I’m Mark. You guys are so nice for helping me out”. I said to the beautiful blond woman sitting next to me. She looked in her early 30s, and seemed to have a very nice figure under her dress and coat. She was several inches taller than me even sitting in the car. Since I was 5’3″ and 120 lbs., I figured her to be about 5’8″ and 145 lbs. Her bear of a husband was at least 6’2″ and 220 lbs.

We chatted for just a few minutes while her husband prepped my car for towing. I learned her name was Mary and her husband’s name was Jim. She told me they had a place just a few minutes from here and she’d be glad to have me stay for the night.

Meanwhile, Jim came back into the truck and maneuvered us to pick up the Neon. Hopping back out for a second, he connected the tow chain and was back in the cab in a jiffy. “Here we go.” he proclaimed as we left the shoulder and I praised my good fortune. I was really lucky they came along, since during the several minutes since they’d arrived, no other cars came by, and god only knows how much longer I’d have waited.

In the truck on the way to their home they asked me a lot of questions about myself which I answered. I felt very comfortable with them and they soon learned quite a bit about me. They knew where I was going, what my parents did, how high school was going for me, etc., etc. They even discovered that I was a virgin, and being so small, hadn’t been able to attract a girl to even go on a single date with. They treated me with respect though, and didn’t make fun of me.

As for them, they’d been married since high school, and didn’t have children anymore. Their one girl died tragically 2 years back after getting hit by a car on the same road we were on.

Jim, as it turned out, had been a star defensive end for the football team, and Mary had been the cheerleading captain back in their ‘glory’ years. He inherited the 15,000 acre farm from his Dad who had died a decade earlier.

The trip took a good 30 minutes, most of the way was on dirt roads. At last, the truck pulled down a long driveway and up in front of a large 2 story house.

Wow! Some house!” I said in awe.

“Yeah, we like it, though I’ll tell ya, it’s a lot to keep up” came Mary’s reply.

“Go ahead in with the missus, Mark, I’ll take care of your car and bring your suitcase in for ya”, Jim offered.

“Thanks” I said.

Mary walked ahead of me up the porch stairs and in through the front door. Inside, I couldn’t help but stare in awe at the lavishness of their home. It was certainly done in a country style, but the furniture and appointments were clearly expensive.

She walked into a nicesized kitchen and offered me a sandwich from the fridge. I was quite hungry so thanked her for it and quickly scarfed it down.

“Can I get you anything else?” she asked.

“Oh, no thanks. That sandwich really hit the spot.”

“Good, good, that’s sweet of you to say.” She smiled, “how about I show you your room while Jim is tending to your car and things.”

“Ok, thanks”

I followed her out of the kitchen and up a staircase. We walked down a hallway, turned left down another hallway then came to a door on the right. This house must be 5,000 square feet, I thought to myself.

“I hope you don’t mind using my daughter’s room, but it’s the only one I have made up right now.” Mary said.

“Oh, it’s no problem, really, you’ve been so kind, I can’t complain.” I said, as she opened the door and walked in, turning the light on.

I turned and followed her in. I was stunned at what I saw and froze in my tracks. The room overflowed in little girl femininity. The light lavender shag carpet matched a large dresser and vanity, as well as ruffled lace window blinds. The center of the room was dominated by a pink 4-poster canopy bed, adorned with matching pink lace linens. The room had its own bathroom and large walk-in closet.

“Ok then,” Mary said, breaking the silence, “why don’t you hop in the shower and I’ll go check to see what’s keeping Jim so long. I’ll have your clothes waiting for you when you get out”

“Alright,” I tried to sound like it was no big deal having to stay in a room like this. She then spun around and left.

Looking around the room I wondered to myself why she hadn’t packed her daughter’s room up. The walk-in closet was just barely open but I could see it still held girl’s clothes in there. The only thing I could think of was how in the movies sometimes a parent will keep up a kid’s room as it was, even after they were dead.

Anyway, I entered the bathroom, and as I expected it was lavishly feminine. Not bothering to wait for Jim to bring my stuff, I undressed and got into the shower. It felt good to be under the warm water after being out in the cold earlier. Not having any choice, I had to use the strawberry shampoo and scented girl’s soap, but at this point I didn’t care.

Getting out of the shower, I dried off and noticed my clothes were gone, figuring Mary, being the considerate hostess, probably already took them out to wash them for me.

I wrapped the pink towel around me and stepped back into the bedroom. I was a little shocked to see Mary waiting for me on the bed, sitting with her legs crossed and facing me. I glanced around and didn’t see my suitcase.

“Is Jim back yet?” I asked, wondering where my clothes were. Mary didn’t answer right away, but kept looking at me. “Come sit down dear, I have something I want to discuss with you.” She patted the bed next to her.

This sounded odd, I thought to myself. She almost looked upset, in a way.

Putting her arm around me, she said, “you know sweetie, your car didn’t die by accident.”

“Huh?” I asked, befuddled.

Why don’t you just stay quiet and listen to what I have to say,” Mary said in a surprisingly stern voice.

Caught off guard by her firmness, I nodded in acquiescence.

When we saw you at the station, we instantly knew you were the one. Jim made sure your car would die while you were in the gas station restroom.”

“You might as well know that you’ll not be leaving tomorrow morning. In fact, you’ll simply not be leaving,” she said calmly, keeping her arm snugly around me. This was nuts! What was this lady thinking! What had I stupidly let myself get into?!!

“In fact while you were busy eating your snack and showering, Jim was busy burning your belongings and getting rid of your dinky little car. Nobody saw us pick you up, nobody saw you come to our farm, and in a few weeks, you’ll just be thought of as another lost runaway.”

“Fuck you lady! Let me the hell out of here right now or you are going to regret it!” I yelled at her, then wiggled free from her grip.

In a flash she was on her feet as well, and before I could react, she slapped me hard across the cheek. My head spun to the side as she grabbed the hair on the back of my head and yanked me down across her lap as she sat back down. Mary then grabbed my right arm and twisted it high up behind my back with her other hand.

“Don’t you ever, EVER, disrespect me like that again!” she blazed angrily at me as she released my hair and lifted my towel to expose my bare bottom. She was a strong woman, and even though she wasn’t that much bigger than I was, she overpowered me with relative ease.

“Ouch!” I cried out as she smacked my bottom hard with her hand. “You will learn to behave yourself and…” Smack!

“… respect both Jim and I…” Smack!

“…even if takes me beating the hell out of you.” She continued spanking me. “You are going to learn…” Smack!

“…to be our live-in maid, and you will be…” Smack!

“…obedient! Do I…” Smack!

“…make myself…” Smack!


She awaited my answer, hand raised high ready to deliver another smack to my tender and already excruciatingly painful ass if it wasn’t to her satisfaction.

“Okay, okay! Alright!” I cried out through my tears, not yet fully realizing what was going on apart from having got myself mixed up with a full-fledged female head banger.

“I’m going to teach you everything you need to know to behave as a proper maid and young lady, and if you do a real good job maybe you can avoid more spankings,” she said, now rubbing my bottom lightly.

Through the stinging pain, I finally realized just how insane this was and what she wanted from me. Fearing more spankings though, I held my tongue.

“Just in case you decide to get cute and try to leave us, remember that we’re miles away from the nearest neighbor, and from the nearest road. If you escape, you should understand that we’ll find you easily and kill you on the spot. You wouldn’t be the first we’ve had to put down like that, so if you’re smart you won’t doubt our resolve or our abilities. Nobody says you have to enjoy your job here but you will stay. All you have to do is be a good girl and do as you’re told all the time.”

I was speechless.

This couldn’t be happening!

She stood me up and walked me back into the bathroom where she proceeded to dye my shoulderlength hair blonde. While I stood naked in the tub she rubbed Nair all over my body, then told me to turn around and bend over. I did and soon felt a sharp prick in my bottom as she gave me a shot.

“Don’t worry sweetie, or shall I say,Marissa’, I just injected you with some longacting estrogens.”

Turning me around she looked me in the eyes, “I’m gonna give you a shot every other week and before you know it you’ll be filling out nicely as a young woman.”

In my thoughts I wanted to tell her to go to hell and that I thought she was the most sick, evil woman I’d ever met. I knew though that I couldn’t even look at her wrong unless I wanted to get spanked again, so I simply looked down, knowing she had me.

At least for now anyway.

She washed the Nair, and thus my body hair, off with the shower hose, then helped me out of the tub. Mary sat me down at the vanity then straddled my legs and sat on my lap, pinning me to the chair.

She first quickly styled my hair with a blow-dryer and hair spray. Without getting up, she next began plucking my eyebrows and didn’t stop until I had wispy feminine arches. After that, it didn’t take her but ten seconds to pierce both my ears with a piercing gun.

She next placed two dangly earrings that bumped into the side of my neck with every movement, which never let me forget I was wearing them. Getting off my lap she took a chair next to me. Using a nail-file she shaped my nails into feminine curves and applied pink polish to them all. My nails weren’t that long but she told me I’d be expected to let them grow out another 1/3 of an inch, and keep them freshly painted at all times.

Finally done in the bathroom she stood me up. Leading me by the wrist this beautiful, but mean, woman walked me back into the room and to the dresser. Opening a drawer full of girl’s things she picked out a pair of flowered pink panties and a matching bra. From other drawers she selected a lacy pink slip, white pantyhose and a padded girdle.

I began breathing heavy, hating every second of what she was putting me through but having no voice in the matter whatsoever.

“Here you go sweetie,” she said as she handed me the panties. Reluctantly, I took them and put them on.

Once I had them on I couldn’t believe I was doing this! I was wearing panties like a girl, and what really terrified me is just how many more days I was likely to keep wearing them. In my mind I decided I was just going to go along with this craziness just long enough to think of a foolproof escape plan.

I was smart and knew I could think of something.

Turning me around she helped me into the bra. I rolled my eyes as I felt so stupid standing there dressed like this. Lifting one of my bra cups outward Mary caught me off guard by slipping in a fake breast. A few seconds later I had two of them.

Standing back to appraise me she commented: “Well there, look at the little girl, isn’t she growing up fast!” I’d later learn my bra size was a 34B.

All I knew then was how completely silly I felt. Those things actually jiggled and shook just like I’ve seen with real women.

“Don’t your worry your sweet little head darling, you won’t have to use these forms for more than a few months until you have your own voluptuous breasts,” she told me with a smile.

The girdle came next, and once it was on, I noticed that it completely flattened my front like a girl and gave me hips at the same time.

“That is your special girdle, Marissa. I got several just for you and I want you to wear one at all times. Do you understand me!?” Mary commanded and asked.

“Yah whatever”.

Without warning she slapped me hard, making my head spin.

“Don’t you ever talk to me like that young lady!” she steamed, “You will speak to me and everyone else here with deference. That means you will say yes Sir or Ma’am, no Sir, or no Ma’am” and always, I mean always use please, thank you and you’re welcome. Do I make myself understood, young lady!?”

She stood with brows furrowed threateningly at me.

“Yes Ma’am, Thank you Ma’am I replied, humiliated beyond belief at being so dominated by this lady.

“That’s better. Now sit down and put on your pantyhose. No, better yet,” she paused while she went back into one of the drawers, pulling out new lingerie, “let’s get you used to wearing a garter belt and stockings, it’s much more feminine and appropriate for a pretty girl like you.”

She helped me into the pink lace garter belt and white stockings, showing me how to roll them up my legs and attach the garters properly.

The slip came next.

A chill went through my spine that’s hard to describe as she had me don the dainty full-slip. It was so thoroughly feminizing I wanted to puke. She didn’t give me a chance though as she walked me into my closet and selected a dress for me.

A few seconds later she zipped me in from the back and I was wearing a standard light grey and pink maid’s dress, not unlike something you may see a maid wear at a nice hotel.

After getting into two-inch white pumps, she took me back into the bathroom and finished my look with makeup.

She spent a good two hours that night giving me lessons and drilling me on feminine mannerisms, gestures, speech, and etiquette. Finally at 2 am, she began to tire and had me change into a hideously feminine nightgown fit for a 5 year old girl, and then left me just like that. Curiously, I was unwilling to try to escape just then, though I did try the door knob after she left.

Sure enough, it was locked from the outside.

The next day was no different and after assisting me to get dressed again in the same maid’s dress, my training’ continued. The only breaks I got were when she sent me off to dust and polish the furniture while she would watch TV or go off somewhere.

She even had me wait on her and Jim during lunch and dinner and I quickly learned that would be one of my daily duties as well. I was only allowed to eat after Jim and she were finished and the kitchen was cleaned. She wouldn’t even let me nibble while I helped her prepare meals. Needless to say, my food was always cold, and my appetite dwindled, as did my weight.

Several more days came and went with additional training. Each day brought less and less drills and instruction though, as I was a quick, even if not willing, learner, and she seemed satisfied with my performance.

Before I knew it, I was their full-time, live-in enslaved maid.

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