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Castration roleplay

I found the following on a site devoted to the femdom chastity fetish. Can’t find it again now or I’d post the link.

A distinct but not uncommon fantasy is emasculation and castration. In a pretend/role-play scene, there is nothing wrong at all with this. In fact, chastity, particularly long-term chastity, indefinite chastity or permanent chastity, play well with this fantasy.

Putting a man in chastity involves taking the freedom and use of his penis away from him. He can’t have sexual pleasure. He can’t touch himself. He can’t masturbate. His daily functions are affected. He has to sit down to urinate, unlike a fully functioning man. He cannot scratch himself, as a fully functioning male can (and often does). A man in chastity is no longer a fully functioning man. A wife who locks her husband in chastity effectively castrates her man.

No word has a greater effect on the male psyche as “castration”. The word ignites fear, insecurity and phenomenal nervousness for a man. It threatens his identity as a male like no other. A woman who jokingly refers to castrating her husband sends a scary and challenging message to her man. The wife who locks her husband in chastity and tells him that she is castrating him, asserts that his whole identity as a male is in her hands. For her husband, it reinforces his submission to his wife, his chastity being indefinite … maybe even permanent. His future may be as merely a doting eunuch in service to his beautiful Empress, serving to cater to her pleasures and desires.

I must admit, this fantasy turns me on incredibly. It reinforces my control in the act of locking the device on my husband. The click of that padlock becomes the sound of emasculation – the castrating snip. Sometimes I will say to my husband when I am about to lock him into his chastity device “Darling, it’s time for your castration!” or “tomorrow I will be castrating you”. His timid and resigned response to such a simple sentence of six words excites me incredibly. And I reinforce it continually after locking, referring to his castrated state, or reminding him or myself out loud in his earshot that it has been only so many days since I castrated him. Essentially it tells him that his predicament is indefinite, and subject to my decision, and there is no point in discussing release.

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As a result of two surgeries I am unable to become fully erect. I can still ejaculate but am denied even that due to a humiliating chastity device I agreed to wear. My wife has agreed to remain faithful as long as I can please her orally. If and when that happens she temporarily releases me from chastity to observe my manual release. Because of my flaccid penis she finds my masturbation very entertaining to watch.
I am effectively castrated.

It is the most Erotic fantasy. Most women just aren’t into it. At least all I have asked except one has said, “Yuck!”

Hard to find…

I had a similar experience with my ex-wife. On the other hand, I met a young British woman online that thought it was cool and kinky. So maybe it’s a cultural thing. American women tend to be narrow-minded and intolerant??

Vous êtes tous des sous-merdes, qui ne méritent même pas de vivre une nano seconde de plus sur cette planète. Que vous ne cessez de polluer par vos précenses ici bas.

Bonjour, et merci,
Tous les Français ne pensent pas comme lui. Au moins un pense comme vous, ou presque.

Hello, and thanks for all,
All Frenchs doesn’t think his way, at least one thinks your’s, or nearby.

Je pense que vous êtes tous des dégénérés. Comment oser faire une vie tournant autour de la violence sexiste, de la haine des hommes, donc de la misandrie, de la mutilation et être heureux et fier de cela. Soit il vous manque des cases -et encore cela ne vous donne droit à aucunes excuses- soit vous êtes un criminel né. Mais dans tous les cas, vous ne devriez même pas pouvoir exercer un tel comportement dans ce Monde, déjà bien trop meurtri par des choses de votre genre.
Vous ne méritez même pas d’être considéré comme faisant parti de l’Homme.

I was lucky. After our third child she insisted that I “get cut”, which either meant vasectomy or castration depending on context. I refused as I’m allergic to Novocain and related compounds. I would have to be put under. 8 times she came at me with a knife threatening them. she hated oral as well. the last 10 years of “marriage” were sexless. I stayed for my children. The children and grands vacation with me every summer they’re all 30 and 40 somethings now.

Hey Karl, after i made a mistake and my spouse the 4.time pregnant, now good 30 years ago, i cut out my semencords. Was easy and painless and she was happy. With the menopause it should be possible for all husbands without any circumstances to go to the ER and say: please cut off my balls. – and it will done easy. It would be better for a harmonic further life together.

You guys should take this over to the Eunuch Archive. My blog is a fantasy site.

This is the last comment like this I’m gonna approve.

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