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Biography of a Castratrix by SquirmEWorm

I wrote this some years ago and posted it to the Eunuch Archive where it became quite popular. In fact, when there was a catastrophic disc crash and the site had to re-built from scratch this story was one of the first to be restored by popular demand.

Unfortunately, I don’t possess a copy of it myself so I can’t post it here.

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Here is the story. If you wish you can delete this comment and repost it yourself. Also I just wanted to say I really enjoy your stories, I have read and re-read them for years and years, and I own your ebook. I look forward to seeing more stories from you!

Is that you, T.F.? I appreciate your compliments but as to the text of the story, thanks but no thanks. I fibbed about not having my own copy. The rules of this hosting service do not allow me to post this kind of story. This is the second comment like this. I may have to delete the whole post.

I can see why the story has to remain only on EA. BTW all those SquirmEWorm stories are great! Search by author at

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