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I’ve had to really struggle with the spam comments. I think I’ve got them under control now so I’ve enabled commenting. I’ve only received a handful of legitimate comments since I started a year ago.

I’ve posted 5800 images, which is almost my entire archive of castration-related images. And it’s frustrating not to have more positive feedback from readers of this blog. If you do comment, be sure to say something specific about the content, otherwise I’ll assume you’re spam.

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thank you,thank you for what you have done,thank you for your selfless share ,thank you for your insist ,I am your supporter ,I give you my support ,if I can do something for you ,please tell me ,THANK YOU !

Hey just a note to say I appreciate what you are doing…having this kind of kink is not at all mainstream and you do a great job…I’m sure like me most of your visitors are kind of lurkers but appriciate you

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