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“The Emasculater” by Felix Saxe-Lomer: review

This is quite a well-crafted piece of crap. It actually has dramatic tension, a narrative arc and character development, just like a mainstream novel. But the basic structure is one over-the-top sex scene per chapter and there are 13 chapters.

The book is 160 painful pages. Published in 1970.

Most of the sex is pretty standard fare. There are a couple sequences that feature some slashing with a scalpel and there is only one perfunctory instance of an actual castration.

The first-person narrator’s man-slashing is motivated by a revenge crusade that was initiated by a brutal gang rape followed by a resulting birth that is stillborn due to the syphilis the rapists gave her as well as impregnating her. In other words, these two items taken together, the rape and the stillborn baby, are the impetus, the justification.

The real dramatic tension comes into play when one of the slashing victims recognizes the slasher and begins a counter-vengeance.

One has to wonder at who these sex scenes appeal to. They are so graphic and super-charged with over-the-top hyperbole that they seem targeted at people who are so dead inside that they have lost most of their sex drive as well as their will to live. In other words, this is porn for zombies.

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