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“Steam Bath”, castration fantasy story

Two thirty-something gym buddies, Joe and Bob, sit in a steam room with white towels wrapped around their waists. Bob is a little older.

Joe is telling Bob about his new girlfriend. He tells Bob that she’s very dominant and that she has come to completely dominate him, that she’s taken his will.

Bob tells him he better watch out because she might end up taking his balls as well.

Joe laughs.

Bob says he’s serious. “No power on earth can resist a woman like that when she wants your balls.”

Joe says, “OK, buddy. OK”.

Bob doesn’t see Joe again for a few weeks. They meet again in the locker room, naked except for their towels.

Joe has a rueful, embarrassed look on his face. He says, “I guess you were right, Bob,” and he takes off his towel to show Bob his crotch area.

Bob snorts and says, “I hate to say I told you so. But if it’s any consolation, buddy, look at this,” and he takes off his own towel.

Joe bends forward to take a good look and then gives out a low whistle.

And they grin helpless, idiot grins.

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