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Body modification stories on Carole Jean’s “Art of Petticoat Punishment”

Here is the link for her site.

I’d been curious about these stories for a while, especially the “Unmanned” one. I finally took the plunge and bought them. I was very disappointed. The body modification was very weak stuff, no castration, not even chemical castration. The modification consisted of being fattened up, depilated and given breast-growing hormones. The story descriptions should read “very mild body modification”.

As to the rest of the content, there is bondage, whipping and forced feminization that is supposedly so forceful and potent that it’s permanent.

There are 4 images included with each story that supposedly illustrate the story, and which are nothing special. You can see an example of them in the cover images given below.

These titles are given under the “Flag Publications” heading. Here are the cover images:

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