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I do plan to post photos of eunuchs and castrated shemales. But I’m really not into gory surgical stuff. I’m mostly into fantasies. Plus, the company that hosts this blog has a rule against real, photographic violence and gore. Sorry.

If you have some free website or blog about real man castration,you can tell me.Just video,gif,it’s all ok~

I’m also not interested in a real gory surgery about castration.I just like femdom such as a woman castrated her male slave.I really want that video.

Well, here’s a forum thread that posts a lot of links to videos.**********-(fantasies-stories-pics-methods-etc-)
And there is one particular famous video that shows a man being surgically castrated. But I don’t have a link handy for it. It might still be available, I don’t know.
There might be one here as well, but I think you have to pay to join and see it.

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