3D-art story

HKG7, 3D artist, Castration Free Style Fight

Here’s his DeviantArt profile.

HKG7 is the best 3D artist for this fetish. He obviously have a real passion for the material.

The excellent story shown below has been around for a few years. I’m pretty sure HKG7 is the creator.

2 replies on “HKG7, 3D artist, Castration Free Style Fight”

This is a great story. But it could be improved by having the blonde harden his dick in readiness for the battle. Fully expecting him to overpower the brunette easily, the blonde looks forward to watching his balls bouncing on his opponent’s perineum as he fucks her so hard her tits wobble. Instead, she sees her hero’s testicles squashed flat against his pelvis, leaving him incapacitated and allowing the brunette to simply rip them off. I do not doubt that the blonde previously enjoyed sucking those balls while they were safe in their sac, but now she must confront the horror of being force-fed a severed bollock.

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