7evinex AKA Cevinex, 3D artist

To be totally blunt, I fuckin’ hate 3D CGI rendered art. But I must grudgingly admit that some pretty hot art has been created that way. I’ll be posting a quite a big bunch of this since a fuckn’ ton of it has been created.

None of the 7evineX’s images show actual or imminent castration, just very compromising positions, also known as implied castration scenes which show scenes where castration could very well be on the agenda. I’ll be posting a lot of compromising position images so you’ll just have to learn to use your imaginations.

Here is his Patreon page: 7evineX.

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Hey there! Thanks for posting my art. I like that you mention how a little imagination goes a long way. Much of my art is designed that way. While I doubt I would ever create explicit images of castration, it definitely is implied in much of my work. I even have kind of a reverse-castration, where everything EXCEPT a slave’s hardon is shrunken and tiny.
Anyway, thanks again. Please check out my Patreon page…

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