Jan Berkelouw, scenes that strongly imply castration

I apologize for the duplications but I wanted to offer all the possible views and contrasts.

These are highly suggestive images and it’s frustrating that there is so little information available about this artist other than he was Dutch.

The bottom image is a book cover for “The Book of Maliciousness Volume 1 with 19 original drawings by Jan Berkelouw”. Here’s the description given for the book: “She felt a little sorry for the guy her mistress was chasing. But she curiously assisted in the determined staging. From start to finish, the mistress followed her plan, staged one of her numerous fantasies, and the poor imp never had a chance – not a little influence on the course of things and certainly no chance to stop the evil game …” Sounds great! Only 20 euros from, not including shipping to the States. I’m too chicken to go for it.

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