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Lamivex, Gerald’s Big Day

Lamivex has made some very hot images. Unfortunately, I unwisely accused him of image plagiarism of a Sorenutz image with the 3rd image below, something I very much regret. I believe he took my criticism hard and stopped creating new art. This happened about 4 years ago. He’s done some work since, but not much. Ironically, that 3rd image below is quite a bit hotter than the Sorenutz one. The 4th image below is the one in question. Judge for yourselves.

Here are his 3 blogs:
1) Ladies’ Love Paradise (Blogger)
2) Ladies’ Love Paradise (tumblr)
3) LLP Deballing Zone

7 replies on “Lamivex, Gerald’s Big Day”

So, it’s ritualistic sex with the priestess , then she performs ritualistic castration? She’s beautiful!

This illustration is art as storytelling at it’s best. As the viewer, we see the aroused Gerald recognizing his fate as Jamila eyes him as her next victim. Meanwhile she casually holds the slave’s head down ready to slice his balls off as soon as she’s sure of her audience. ( I wonder if there’s pain involved as lamivex’s chastiring guide says its process is painless. I would imagine from all the sweat, it hurts like a mfer.

The part that gets me off the most is the reaction of the dorky looking guy who is watching it. He has an obvious hard on with precum staining his pants. And his wife/girlfriend is watching with intense interest, probably so that she can arrange the same thing for her dorky husband/boyfriend. I’ve jerked off to this many times.

I identify with Jamila’s faceless victim. Sack stretched tight. Balls about to pop. Head held still. I’d like to think Mrs. Gerald is being invited over to give my doomed testicles on last squeeze. Then slice. And she shows them to me. Lamivex rules.

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