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Christmas-y ball-busting

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“Mommy’s Secret” by anonymous

[This is a contribution written by a long-time fan.]

I was riffling through Mommy’s underwear drawer one day when my first found the flash drive. Mommy’s underwear was always a thrill – soft, lacy, and big enough to cover her nice, plump ass – but I knew that, whatever was on this flash drive, would probably be even hotter.

And it didn’t disappoint.

It turns out that Mommy was a dominatrix! The drive contained hundreds of films of her spanking men, tying them up, spanking them, and other forms of humiliation and punishment. Each scenario seemed sexier than the one before. The last video was Mommy dressing up like a nurse, stripping a guy naked, strapping him into stirrups and… cutting his balls off?

For some reason I couldn’t quite explain, this made me harder than I’d ever been in my life. I put the video on a loop and came in just a few seconds.


“Billy? Did you watch Mommy’s secret videos?” Mommy asked a few days later. Mom was a real MILF, with a slightly chubby body, a big warm smile, and oh-so-intense blue eyes.

“No? I mean, um… what videos?” I said, my voice cracking a little.

“Don’t lie to me, Billy,” Mommy said, stepping a little closer to me. “You want a spanking?”

“Yes… I mean, no?” I offered meekly. Mommy just let out a long sigh.

“I know you’ve been sniffing my panties for years, Billy,” Mommy said, suddenly sounding serious. I gulped, hard.

“I…” I started, but Mommy hushed me.

“Sniffing my panties is just fine, Billy. Matter of fact, it’s kind of flattering,” Mommy said, taking another step towards me.

“It is?” I asked.

“Of course! But, Billy. I don’t want you to become addicted to kind of stuff I do in my videos. I’ve seen what that can do to guys, okay?” she said. “If you feel horny, don’t worry. I’m more than happy to lend a hand every once in a while,” she said, slipping her hand into my underpants.

She roughly gripped my erection, which was drenched in precum. After just a few strokes, I exploded in her hands.

Mommy let out a cruel giggle. “What little stamina you have,” she said, wiping the cum off onto my shorts and t-shirt.

“Billy, if I catch you watching those videos again, you’re going to end up like that last guy I did, understand?” Mommy warned.

“Yes, yes, I understand,” I said quickly. Then, something seemed to click in my brain. “Wait a minute…”

“I’m waiting…” Mommy said, in a sing-song voice.

“If you didn’t want me to watch the videos, why did you hide the drive in your underwear drawer?” I asked.

“So you wouldn’t find it, silly,” Mommy replied.

“But you said you already knew I played with your underwear…” I began. Mommy just grinned, then got up and left the room.


Of course I kept watching the videos every day. How could I not? Each day i timed it so that I was just about finished jerking off when she came home. It was a real thrill to see whether or not she’d catch me in the act.

And it didn’t take too long before she did.

“I should have known you couldn’t help yourself. You’re such a little perv. Well, like mother, like son, eh?” she said with a wink. As she walked back into the living room she said, “Come on, into the stirrups, my boy.” Then she pulled the special little table with the restraining straps out from behind the sofa.

I ran as fast as I could from my room towards the thing, not even bothering to pull my pants back up. I hadn’t managed to finish and cum before she caught me, so I was still hard and throbbing.

“Wow, you’re really eager for this, aren’t you?” Mommy said with a little smirk, as she bound my wrists and legs into the leather straps. “Did you want me to catch you today?”

Of course, deep down, I knew I did. But I couldn’t bring myself to say that out loud.

Mommy flicked at my nipples for a moment, then leaned down and gently cupped my balls with her hand. “Oh, I bet these are really aching, aren’t they?” she cooed. Of course she was right, they were on fire.

“But I’m not going to give you what you want until you beg for it,” she said. Would she really force me to say it out loud?

“Please…” I said, as she slowly made little circles around the head of my penis with her thumb.

“Please, what? Mommy can’t hear you…” she taunted.

“Please, castrate me, Mommy, please!” I begged, finally giving in. Anything to get her to do it to me.

“That’s more like it,” she cooed. “Why of course I’ll cut your little balls off, Billy.”

That did it. I came, harder than I’d ever cum in my life. My shirt was ruined by a huge load – my last load ever?

Mommy stuck my scrotum with a little syringe and then, a few minutes later, she was busy snipping me open.

“So small. That’s one ball gone…” Mommy said. A few snips later, she said “And that’s the other one. My baby’s a eunuch now!” she said excitedly.

I smiled back at her, basking in the warm glow of what had just happened. I still couldn’t believe my own mother had just cut my balls off!

“Now, since you were such a good boy, I’ll reward you by letting you lick me,” she said, ruffling my hair affectionately. “Sound good?”

I nodded eagerly.



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